My report card

Recently a few of my closest family members and friends got together and wrote up a report card for my recent course load at the University of Oncological Resistance (UOR).  It is pretty funny so I thought I would share it.: Ellen’s report card Today is “quick” chemo (just methotrexate) and my stepsister Deb, who is visiting, […]

The evolving bucket list

Originally my sparse “bucket list” featured taking my family with me to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where I had been but they had not.  Then there was spending relaxed time in France, which we did for almost two weeks last summer; and I wanted to go to England again, too (which I did […]

Weekend update

No, not that Weekend Update! Dealing with Fatigue: Boy, do I sound tired! Possibly more tired in my voice than the rest of me.  I did notice today that my voice was really weak, so you are getting to hear what that sounds like.  Not much like me, at least to my ear.

Post-chemo report

Today was almost completely taken up with “double chemo” along with a day-one-of-the-cycle appointment with the nurse practitioner who works with my oncologist. My oncologist is on vacation–and I hope he is vacating enough because he’s got to last me and not burn out!  How is that for thinking long-term? I still like to think […]

“Quick” chemo today

A bit about today’s trip to Albany Med: Late this afternoon, after Jesse and I watched some episodes of “Elementary,” our friend Arti stopped by with some homemade creampuffs. And I replied irreverently:

Death Straight Talk (by Eric)

When your wife has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and has been hospitalized once for an upper extremity DVT, once for pneumonia, another time for malignant pleural and pericardial effusions, has had small pulmonary emboli, and then gets diagnosed with leptomenigeal carcinomatosis, and you also live in a world that has Google, so you can […]

Chemo-day update

About today and my current chemo schedule etc.: After all of this, I felt a little queasy and rested In the car all the way home. But then I walked from the parking area to our house, ordered some food stuff from Eric, and marched up the stairs wearing my back pack foot-over-foot like a normal […]

Hair fun

Lisa and Aaron, who visited to help out (tremendously!) for the past few days, did the clay-dye job the other night in the bathroom with friend Anne while Jesse supervised from the bathroom shower. Hmmm, I look a little tired in that last photo.  Yesterday was my fullest and most energetic day in weeks.  Shivani […]

Shaker Lemon Pie story, plus.

Thanks to good drugs, I had no nausea or vomiting after my double chemo last Thursday. Go, Emend! I don’t care how expensive you are–I love you.  I do seem to be more worn out than usual.  Or than I expected.  Since my legs felt stronger, I went for a walk beyond the mailboxes on […]