MRI is on December 29…

I guess maybe some of you might be wanting to know that my follow-up MRI to check in on my latest TINY TEENY MINUSCULE WEAK FEEBLE brain mets is on December 29 so early in the AM that I don’t even want to think about it.

December rushes along

We are almost to the solstice and for most of December so far I have felt somewhat unmoored.  It’s been hard to focus on what I think of as “work,” though holiday projects are giving me a good excuse this week at least.  I have had lots of unscheduled time and have managed to feel, […]

The zap plan so far

Met with the radiation oncologist this afternoon, after chemo yesterday and  IV Vitamin C and acupuncture this morning.  This week I’ve felt less icky than usual; maybe that extra week off for Thanksgiving really made a difference. So the radiation oncologist said first of all, he doesn’t think 1 of the 3 spots seen on […]