A brief and good update

Last Friday’s 3-month CT scans (chest, abdomen, pelvis) showed nothing new or worrisome–stable mets, so Eribulin still working!  That was really good news especially since I was wondering about the cough and shortness of breath. Chemo was easy this week.  My sister Deb is visiting and being my driver plus major household helper and cooking […]

Five pillows

For the last two weeks, because of my knee pain and a weird new cough triggered by my standard sleeping position, I have had to figure out a new way to sleep (or be woken up every 60-90 minutes…not fun).  So suddenly I am a person who needs: a pillow to put under my knee […]

One ongoing challenge of living with cancer

I am getting bored with how much I think about/talk about/update people about what’s going on with my annoyingly imperfectly-functioning body.  It just begins to sound really dull and repetitive to me…and must eventually to others as well!  I am certainly better at talking about, or just more willing to talk about, the physical goings-on than […]

Resting up

Argh, so frustrating to need to Rest Up explicitly in a day before tackling a task or event I want to bring even a modicum of energy to–it feels like I am an old laptop with a failing battery that has to be charged up in a pre-planned way.  It’s also hard to remember that […]

Back in the saddle

Sitting here just finishing up the first dose of cycle 23 of chemo, with awesomely normal liver enzymes, decent red-blood-cell count & white-blood-cell count, everything else all good.  Now we’ll stop by the food coop and go home and I will rest some, because last week’s three afternoons of zapping gave me a lot to […]