Best practices in cancer treatment, 2012 & 2013

ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) top 5 evidence-based recommendations for 2013.  Two are very relevant for me, one less so, two not relevant. ASCO’s 2012 top 5 list.  Two might sometime apply to me, two others are about earlier stages of breast cancer.  An excerpt, from the one about when to stop chemotherapy: Smith and Hillner15 […]

I am having great fun watching these music-video parodies, which are knowledge translation about evidence-based medicine: (Originally seen via Lamaze’s Science & Sensibility blog) I “should” be working on my delayed paper for last semester’s Critical Inquiry class, which I am looking forward to digging into, but there is so much else to do […]

cancer irony

So far I have only had the kind of cancer in which it’s the treatment that makes you feel so sick and unhealthy, not the cancer.  I guess this makes me lucky. However, it is kind of a weird situation to grapple with mentally.  You are walking around harboring a deadly disease and you feel fine, […]

the plan so far

Dateline: Albany Medical Center Imaging Center One of the hard parts of this is how little certainty there is, at all levels big and small.  The most obvious uncertainty is about how many more years I get and how I will get to live them.  Then there’s the more immediate: after a consultation with Judy […]


Here we are again.  I really never thought I’d bring this blog back to life but it is going to be the way I keep everyone up to date on my latest adventures with breast cancer.  And, if last time is any guide, it might be where I collect resources and information, share pictures, and […]