Quick evening update–good news

Just heard from my new nurse that my CT scan at 1 PM showed stable bleeding–so that is excellent news, no spread of bleeding to be seen today and no need to check my neurological all the time tonight. Woo hoo! Still hoping to go home sometime tomorrow to await the Ommaya surgery when the […]

Even later and less greater happenings

Yesterday I got admitted to Albany Med for a little cerebellum bleed discovered when doing pre-admission CT scan for the Ommaya reservoir surgery Tuesday.  So now it’s the next day and I am at AMC being checked every hour for neurological status, which is fine so far, despite a couple medium headaches.  Tylenol worked! I […]

Latest not-at-all greatest developments

The results of my recent MRIs were not good.  The pelvic MRI to see what might be causing left leg pain showed “patchy areas” in the cauda equina (nerves just below the end of the spinal cord). That worried everyone and triggered a quick repeat brain MRI and a cervical spine MRI to look for more deposits or “thickening” […]

Palliative care

This morning we had our first visit from a palliative care nurse.  We got set up with the Visiting Nurse Association for oversight of the lung-draining process, which continues every other day for now.  Then we found out that the VNA also has a palliative care program so we signed up for it. Now we have […]

I didn’t sign up for this.

I think I have made my peace, or as much peace as I can right now, with the fact that I most likely will die much sooner than everyone else I know.  Of course this sucks, but I don’t find in myself a lot of feeling that it’s unfair. I don’t ask, “Why is this happening to […]