fourth chemo (out of four)

Sounds great but today, day 3, I feel rotten. So I don’t feel done with anything yet. Although the chemo nurses blew soap bubbles at me when I was ready to go on Tuesday: Tuesday evening I felt like I had been hit all over with a sandbag (pressure evenly distributed). Yesterday my mind was […]

hiding and covering

I realized on Sunday that what I’m doing with all these hats and bandannas is covering my head. It feels like covering. What I was doing in 1995 was hiding my head. No one else can probably tell the difference, the times I’m covering my head at least, but I can. What a relief.


There are two ways to go with the work/chemo juggling: you can go full-out, plan to live your Whole Life and make adjustments as needed as you go along–this will keep you feeling safe and normal as much as possible but will be hard work and things will go by the wayside unexpectedly (perhaps just […]

which kind of day?

Lately I keep facing this choice. Will today be a breast-cancer day or a regular day? Some days I don’t have appointments, feel all right, don’t do research or talk to other people in the cancer world, read novels, and get my “regular work” done. Other days I look things up online, let myself explore […]