There are two ways to go with the work/chemo juggling: you can go full-out, plan to live your Whole Life and make adjustments as needed as you go along–this will keep you feeling safe and normal as much as possible but will be hard work and things will go by the wayside unexpectedly (perhaps just the laundry, the dust in the corners, and the quality of lunchbox fare). Or you can decide that now is your time to lie low, take care of yourself, cut down on work and responsibilities, learn what you need to learn, explore other modes of healing that appeal to you, and do things you never give yourself time to do because of being a creative busy working mom (like read novels and hang out with friends? if you’re me).

There are benefits to both. But you can’t do both.

One thing about scheduling work and travel around chemo is that then you are home when you are busy with treatments and don’t have much energy (or maybe even feel bad), and then when you’re on the upswing, you’re off sharing your energy with…clients or friends or fellow board of committee members instead of family. It feels fine to you, but the other family members get a lot less of your energy.

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