getting through it

It’s Friday night after chemo on Tuesday. Today I took the exam to be a Lamaze childbirth educator, which was administered in Springfield, MA. My excellent friend Lisa drove me there and back, which was key to making this crazy plan doable. The exam itself was fine–all multiple choice, on a computer, felt like a quiz game–except that when it first came up it was in Spanish. That meant over an hour’s delay while the testing center downloaded the correct test. So I was pretty tired by the time I finished and we drove home. I spent the rest of the daytime in bed reading (The Time Traveler’s Wife, excellent) and got some more energy at about 8:00 at which point Lisa and I did some henna on each other. Now it’s bedtime and I’m not feeling too bad–less queasy, and overall the flu-like headache hasn’t been so bad this round.

Tomorrow looks to be a rainy day at home with the boys while Eric goes to the Schumacher Lectures all day. I’m hoping that after I sleep in I will have energy to parent!

Next challenges after that: finishing up my PowerPoint presentation for the APHA meeting (by Sunday) and sending two class curriculums to Columbia Memorial Hospital to see if they want to hire me to teach there. Next week I’m teaching one private class to a teenage couple and one all-day class to two other couples. I have no pending doula clients, though…!