Late-May update

Three weeks between updates seems a little much.  However, there is not much new to say–things are going along pretty well, with no spice-rack installation under the bathroom sink as yet.  I am in the second week of round 7 of chemo.  The afternoon of chemo and the day after, I am tired and feel […]

Rx x X where X = cancer patient

My bottles of partially-used prescriptions are getting out of hand.  I think I need one of those spice-bottle spinny caddies to control them. Or maybe something like this for the back of the bathroom cabinet door…

International Day of the Midwife

That’s today.  If there is a midwife in your life, now’s your chance to appreciate her! On to less important topics. I got some eyebrow-makeup advice from an unexpected source recently…yay!  Will have to act on that soon now that I am not so mystified. I now have, below my right collarbone, a port, which […]