Late-May update

Three weeks between updates seems a little much.  However, there is not much new to say–things are going along pretty well, with no spice-rack installation under the bathroom sink as yet.  I am in the second week of round 7 of chemo.  The afternoon of chemo and the day after, I am tired and feel quite run-down, and I have some gut cramping and indigestion on and off during the 3-week cycle, but it is overall quite tolerable on the lowered dose.  I have more hair than before but I can’t tell whether it is just longer, or a greater number of hairs.  Maybe 10% of my hairs could survive the starting dose of eribulin, and a 15% can survive the reduced dose?  Who knows.  Eric says the spots that were bald after brain radiation are coming in darker (my original color) though the rest is much more gray than before.

In any case, it’s gotten mostly too hot to wear anything on my head, so I mostly don’t.  When we go out in public, I call it “making the world safe for chemotherapy victims.”

I started getting IV vitamin C every week or so a couple weeks ago.  I’m also having acupuncture every week.  Honestly I am not seeing dramatic results from either one, but will stick with them for a while.

The summer semester started last week and so I am turning my attention to working on my independent-study project (actually doing the data analysis I planned and researched in my previous two Critical Inquiry classes on research).  There are nine new lambs on the land and they are often viewable right out my bedroom window (or back door) because they are pastured just west of our house.  Everything is spring green.  (except the lambs)

2 thoughts on “Late-May update

  1. Gina Qualliotine

    It’s so nice to have an update! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your independent-study project as it develops. It still strikes me as so bizarre that the topic (of the length of pregnancy) has been so very little addressed up until now! Not like it’s something that only affects a small percentage of the population is it. It will be such good information to have !

    The way in which you are engaged in your life in all areas is an inspiration to me. It reminds me of the phrase, ‘radical aliveness’ a woman I know uses. You bring so much intelligence, heart, humor and determination to everything you do. It’s exciting and deeply beautiful to me. And I get to be your friend ! Lucky, lucky me.

  2. Shelly

    Thanks for the update, Ellen! Good to know things are going along well enough, though I do wish you could catch a break with all this, at least for a bit. Interesting about the radiated hair growing in darker–a new beauty discovery that will sweep the nation? Just kidding. Though I imagine there are plenty of people who would gladly zap their (mostly unused) brains in exchange for getting their old hair color back (I am not one of them!). Good luck with the independent study project, and enjoy the lambs (even if they aren’t green)!

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