7 thoughts on “Nothin’ but an updated picture

  1. Shelly

    That’s a great photo, and you look great! Wish you felt as great, but anyway, you don’t look like a sick person in that pic. That said, if you’re going to sit around in meadow grasses like that, I sure hope you are diligent tick-checkers…

  2. Charlie

    I love this picture. Dirt-sifting must be a very entertaining thing to watch.

  3. Jon

    I concur; you look great. And should look out for ticks! 🙂

    So now that two people agree that you look fantastic, you’re cured, right?

  4. Leigh

    You do look great! Very nice photo; thanks for sharing.

  5. Cricket

    I adore this picture! And miss you.

  6. Larin

    Lovely you in the big green grassiness–yay!!! xoxo

  7. Deb

    Lovely. You are smiling!!!

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