Goings-on at the start of chemo cycle 29

I got good news today at my oncologist’s office—my brain MRI yesterday turned up no new spots of cancer (in 4 months—my last MRI was June) and the ones zapped in May continue to cooperatively die and fade away.  So that is really great.  I don’t need more of that right now.  Too much else to deal […]

Trials (and tribulations)

We always figured a trial (of a PARP inhibitor) would be my next step after Eribulin but with the headache & steroids I am probably not eligible for many trials–usually steroid use indicates uncontrolled brain stuff and researchers don’t want those patients in their trials.  I am tapering off the steroids but it will be […]

Day 7 of PE

I am feeling a bit better as of Friday–a bit more energy, a bit less out of breath.  I almost felt like I could try to take a short slow walk. But this is going to be a slow recovery.  Today I’ll try to start up with Qi Gong again and just take it easy […]

And the next complication is…

I am now the proud owner of a non-emergency pulmonary embolism event.  I have lots of small blood clots in my lungs, since Saturday AM when I woke up even more short of breath than usual and kept running out of energy when, say, walking down the hall to the bathroom.  Rapid heart rate too, […]

Bits of news; still in limbo

England was lovely!  Here’s more about the trip if you’re interested. I’ve been back a few weeks now and they have been less energetic than my time in England, for sure.  I did a decent amount of walking on the trip (along with a LOT of riding the wonderful Tube) but in the last week […]