Trials (and tribulations)

We always figured a trial (of a PARP inhibitor) would be my next step after Eribulin but with the headache & steroids I am probably not eligible for many trials–usually steroid use indicates uncontrolled brain stuff and researchers don’t want those patients in their trials.  I am tapering off the steroids but it will be a long process, if it works at all in the end.  So that’s disappointing, if it turns out to be the case.  I am going to try to find out more about trials that are about breast-cancer brain-met treatment itself–I could probably get into those.  I have a brain MRI tomorrow (the last one 4 months ago showed nothing concerning, but that is a long time to hope for a weedless garden).  Then I have a consultation appointment on November 2 at Dana-Farber with a breast-cancer oncologist who has done a bunch of brain-met research (Nancy Lin).

Then there are these two new/upcoming trials, which include molecular analysis of patients’ tumors and allow for treatments that target those tumors if possible: TAPUR and NCI-MATCH.  That article is all I know about them so far.

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