Day 7 of PE

I am feeling a bit better as of Friday–a bit more energy, a bit less out of breath.  I almost felt like I could try to take a short slow walk. But this is going to be a slow recovery.  Today I’ll try to start up with Qi Gong again and just take it easy on the deep-breathing parts that will be hard.  And yay, my mom is coming today to help out for a few days.

Something is reducing the pain in the rib muscles of my back–either the Cymbalta at the higher dose or the compounded pain ointment I’ve been using for about a week.  I am waking up less back-hurty, too, and able to sleep a little less propped up.

Headaches are the same so the shades are drawn in the house most of the day and I have sunglasses on a lot of the time.  As long as the headaches don’t get worse, I’ll keep tapering down the Prednisone with the goal of getting off the stuff eventually.

Luckily this week Jesse had a break from their school, Bard Academy, and I was supposed to be away at the midwifery conference so I didn’t have any appointments after Monday.  Thus we have all been sleeping in gloriously every morning.  Now it’s Saturday morning and I could be helping move firewood for the QIVC common house, but I am just Too Tired.


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