Bits of news; still in limbo

England was lovely!  Here’s more about the trip if you’re interested. I’ve been back a few weeks now and they have been less energetic than my time in England, for sure.  I did a decent amount of walking on the trip (along with a LOT of riding the wonderful Tube) but in the last week or so my left foot has gotten more numb and more hurty and it’s hard to walk very far, especially with my left knee also continuing to hurt some about half the time.

To continue with the complaints, my headache is worse in the morning and then most days goes mostly away; some days it sticks around.  I recently started taking Cymbalta for general pain (it’s an antidepressant but also used to treat, for example, fibromyalgia or chronic back pain) but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything yet.  I hope it will.  May have to increase the dose.  I have started going to a pain-management practice.  They prescribed a compounded pain cream that has various things in it including neurontin.  Not sure if that works or not yet–just picked it up yesterday after lots of insurance hassles over it (mostly handled by Eric).

Voice update: My vocal-cord damage is slowly getting a bit better, which is nice, thanks to vocal-cord therapy and tincture of time. Sometimes my voice sounds almost normal.  Sometimes, especially at the end of a talky day, it is all hoarse and breathy and can’t get loud.  Shortness of breath, which started at the same time as the voice problems, is only a bit better.  But I had lung-function tests yesterday which showed reasonably normal lung function in terms of lung volume, etc.  So the shortness of breath is not that my lungs aren’t working ok.  I guess it’s more that I’m not quite using them well enough (my diaphragm isn’t doing what it should be?).  However, even a bit better is noticeable.

I had chemo yesterday and last week–we’re continuing with the Eribulin, giving it the benefit of the doubt, until I get my lungs scanned at the beginning of November to see what those “spots” are up to.  By then I’ll also have had my next brain MRI (October 26) so we’ll know if anything is going on in there too.

And that’s the end of the health update I guess!

2 thoughts on “Bits of news; still in limbo

  1. Debra Hunter

    England does sound lovely. Im impressed by your 6 mile day! I’m so glad to hear about the near-normal lung function, especially with the upcoming lung scan. Thank you so much for these updates….I love them! And I love you. xoxooxo

  2. Shelly

    Sounds like the trip was wonderful! And rhubarb cider sounds like something worth investigating. I hope the Cymbalta helps, so you will be more able to appreciate the beautiful autumn. And I hope those lung spots decided to stay in England, without you…

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