That’s what my surgeon said to me Tuesday afternoon as I got myself comfortable on the operating table at Albany Med’s somewhat sketchy-seeming “South Clinical Campus.” “Ready to be deported?” It took me a second. She was about the take out my port. I was ready. It was truly weird to be fully conscious and […]

a small announcement

I’m done. With the whole slash/poison/burn series of treatments for this summer’s breast cancer, at least.  Today was my last zap. We keep getting asked “So now how do they know if it worked?” or “Test results coming back okay?” and we keep explaining that they–we–don’t know.  That there are no test results.  That all […]

I admit it…

…I am still here. Radiation every weekday 25 minutes away is a good excuse for not doing much else on the cancer-patient front. But I have done some else: a visit to the gynecologic oncologist to talk about ovaries, follow-up with the surgeon, a date to go back to the OR to get my port […]