I admit it…

…I am still here.

Radiation every weekday 25 minutes away is a good excuse for not doing much else on the cancer-patient front. But I have done some else: a visit to the gynecologic oncologist to talk about ovaries, follow-up with the surgeon, a date to go back to the OR to get my port removed (1/23), and lots of reading. My lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is around 44%. This is of a cancer that is only caught at a curable state 25% of the time. Makes one think.

Radiation has gone smoothly–I’m in and out of there in 15 minutes almost every day–and I’m now going at 8:15 (right after the schoolbus pick-up) so as to get it over with and have my day be less broken up (10:30 was not a convenient time). 5 more treatments and I’m done with that. I am sunburned, which is a pain, and have been very, very tired. I am feeling a little less tired today (I carried in 4 bags of groceries instead of leaving them for Eric, and haven’t had to lie down since I got up this morning).

I have hair. Due to fatigue, lingering effects of chemo, or both, my brain is still fuzzy. Thus I have been saying my head has fuzz inside and out. A couple of weeks ago:

Today (photo credit: me):

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