Zap all done…at least this one

Tuesday was all day at Albany Med, but most of it was easy.  We got there super early–6:35am.  Getting the frame “installed” was weird but dealable, and having it on my head all day was annoying and weird and eventually made me a bit headachy, but was not too bad. We had brought five movies […]

Calming down, looking up

It’s Saturday afternoon and all is quiet around here.  Which is good, because the three H-Bs in residence are beat!  All day yesterday and until 2 today we were spending time at Simon’s Rock learning about their new Bard Academy program for 9th and 10th graders, in which Jesse is now (as of this afternoon) […]

New alphabetic possibilities

New alphabetic possibilities So with my current life I can almost pull this progression off: P PT PTT APPT SAPPT (pee, physical therapy, prothrombin time–a test of clotting ability that I actually don’t have to do–yet another medical appointment, and that would be enough for me and my energy would be sapped!)

Me vs. morphine

The narrative burden I’ve given myself with this blog can feel kind of hard to carry along sometimes, and the last two weeks have been like that.  I have been busy with appointments and imaging procedures, and very tired, and not all here brain-wise to boot. Here is a quick catch-up summary for those following […]