Zaps 1 2 3

This afternoon is the first of my brain zaps for very small tumors.  The radiation oncologist wants to do them one at a time over three days, so we will be at Albany Med Tuesday through Friday, every afternoon.  Argh!  It’s like a job…but with mind-altering drugs (Ativan, Keppra).

Chemo today in record time!

All went well at chemo today–liver enzymes blazingly normal.  For random reasons, I was in and out of there in record time–70 minutes from the front desk to out the front door again.  Cycle 22 completed!  Now I feel a usual amount of icky but will feel better tomorrow.

Back on track / curb cuts

My liver enzymes went back to normal yesterday so I got chemo–we’re calling it day 1 of cycle 22 with a skipped dose on day 8 of cycle 21.  Last week was my unplanned week off of chemo–last Tuesday my enzymes were still too high for the oncologist to be comfortable, so no chemo, and instead, […]


Blog posts will now be announced on Twitter for the convenience of those of you who use it.  I’m @eharrisbraun and I have only ever posted exactly ONE Tweet.

About the blog

The new look of the blog was forced upon me today by Eric upgrading our WordPress–the 2006 blog theme was no longer available.  Hope you like the new fancier stylings.

Liver enzymes GRRRRRRR

OK, just to catch up, before I retreat into watching a dumb movie: The week after the zap I felt pretty good, all in all, despite having four sore bumps on my head.  Eric left for Ecuador to see his parents and my mom arrived shortly thereafter (she picked up our car at the airport). […]