Chemo round 3, dose 1: fine so far

Chemo was Tuesday afternoon after a quick visit with my oncologist.  He is impressed that my white and red blood cell counts are holding up so well.  But did not inquire as to why.  I don’t really know why, but maybe…bone broth with astragalus? Kombucha? The mushroom capsules I took for the month before chemo […]

New Orleans

I spent last Saturday through Wednesday in New Orleans visiting my mom with my friend Anne.  We went to one Mardi Gras parade (Krewe de Vieux), one party, one jazz club, one magical outdoor restaurant with live music, and one seafood restaurant with char-broiled oysters, and took a trip Uptown and a trip across the […]

“When will you be done with chemo?”

People have been asking: “How many rounds of chemo do you have to do?” or “When will you be done with chemo?”  There is no solid answer to that question because we don’t know what is going to happen.  But here is my understanding of how it sometimes goes: The standard strategy is to use […]

Chemo round 2, dose 2: thankfully easy

Chemo Tuesday afternoon was fine–and since it has been a month, I got the Xgeva shot too.  That’s an anti-osteoporosis treatment that has been found to be useful in slowing the progress of bone metastases.  Even though I only have one bone met, it seems worth it.  The side effects are “flu-like symptoms for 1-2 […]

narcissistic hair post…

Last week the hair started to come out gradually and look a bit scruffy… Now it is at least half gone and coming out much faster. Adding hair-loss data to the breast-cancer world, the falling out started on day 15 of my first cycle of Eribulin.  (First-line Eribulin for MBC but previous Adriamycin and Taxotere […]

Chemo round 2 starts tomorrow AM

This has been the main question people have been asking.  So Round 2 of chemo starts tomorrow, continues next Tuesday, and then the week after that is my “week off” from chemo.  Then the next week, Round 3 starts.  Round 1 did not make me feel too bad, so I am not worried about Round […]

Grand Canyon–wow!

Finally, a brief report on our emergency family adventure trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We were gone for 6 days. We spent Saturday night on the rim of the Canyon, descended (2 by mule, 2 by hiking) on Sunday, spent two nights at Phantom Ranch in Bright Angel Canyon at the bottom, […]