Chemo round 2 starts tomorrow AM

This has been the main question people have been asking.  So Round 2 of chemo starts tomorrow, continues next Tuesday, and then the week after that is my “week off” from chemo.  Then the next week, Round 3 starts.  Round 1 did not make me feel too bad, so I am not worried about Round 2.

In general I feel really good.  I am still “tapering” off the post-brain-zapping steroids (there to prevent brain swelling), but am down to a low enough dose that I can SLEEP well, thankfully.  That was a bit annoying.

The hard thing to deal with right now is that my hair is falling out (from the chemo) with increasing speed and enthusiasm, starting 10 days ago.  I made it home from our trip with hair but the amount on my head is looking less and less respectable!  Soon I will give up and make it all go away.  I have LOTS of nice hats so my head will be warm.  Maybe I will get a tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos:

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  1. Isa

    Totally want to be in on the tattoos.

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