what a nice weekend

I took it pretty easy Thursday and Friday, for me, and Saturday we had wonderful friends visiting overnight. I was tired & a bit loopy from the anti-seizure medication I’m on (standard prophylactic post-procedure stuff, along with steroids), but greatly enjoyed myself. This afternoon I took a walk and gradually edged myself into bed where I have been using my brain but resting my body ever since.

The people who are living with metastatic cancer are showing up for me–through personal connections with some of you, thank you!, and just by the power of the web (and those of you helpfully pointing me to where I need to look). It has been really good to be able to people the landscape in front of me with the existence of these folks, even if I don’t know them, even if I don’t ever call them in the end.

What next week offers: chemo tomorrow AM, a final postpartum visit with a recent client Tuesday, a follow-up appointment with the radiation oncologist Thursday, and PACKING! for the Grand Canyon emergency family adventure trip that starts Saturday AM (and brings us home Thursday the 30th).

5 thoughts on “what a nice weekend

  1. Gina Qualliotine

    Yay for the trip! You must post photos here. Good luck with the trip prep. It’s often the hardest part : ) XO

  2. Dianne Honore'

    Hi Ellen, good to see things moving forward! Had coffee with your Mom and friends yesterday. Meditating for you…..Hope your chemo tx went well this morning. I’ll be checking in on you. Let me know if I can do anything on this end of the world. (((hugs))) 🙂

  3. Uncle Marty

    Your Atlanta family is following your treatment plan with great hope for its success. Enjoy your Grand Canyon trip. It should be a spectacular experience.

  4. Isa

    A family that takes a “Grand Canyon emergency family vacation trip” ……!…….can I be an extended part of your amazing family?

  5. Birdie

    Hey Ellen! I’m so excited for your trip… Even though Jesse is cranky about missing the Goblets weekend, I think it can only be magical. You have been big in my heart and thoughts since I saw you last week. I love you madly and hope your grand adventure is magnificent.

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