Vanities: function

Moving on to the next kind of vanity (part two of four)… Vanity about function: My body doesn’t do what it used to do.  One year ago, I jogged three miles with my sister and probably went for a walk later on in the day, too.  Back then I was doing interval training most days […]

Vanities: appearance

I’ve been thinking about vanity a lot lately. I seem to have a lot of it.  To me it settles out into some different realms: Vanity about body appearance: from taking steroids for so long, I have chubby cheeks and a more rectangular face without noticeable cheekbones.  My face really looks different from before.  I was […]

Welcome to lymphedema!

In England in late September my left arm started to swell up a bit–mostly it seemed like my hand.  This is the arm with the DVT (blood clot) under the collarbone, and thus the arm I’ve been wearing a lymphedema compression sleeve on since early April to try to prevent lymphedema from developing.  Lymphedema is […]

Quick update

It’s Sunday afternoon and guess what? I still have pneumonia.  (I have to keep reminding myself of this to explain why I am still so, so, so very tired and worn out.)  We came home late Thursday afternoon and I keep waiting to notice I’m feeling better, but I don’t notice.  I am doing much […]

My very first cancer hospital admission!

Woo hoo!  Off on another adventure.  (Stage direction: read that with great irony)  Tuesday morning when I showed up for chemo I asked the nurse to check my oxygen saturation level because I felt really beat and very short of breath again (since Sunday).  It was 89…when 94 & up is what you want to […]