International Day of the Midwife

That’s today.  If there is a midwife in your life, now’s your chance to appreciate her!

On to less important topics.

I got some eyebrow-makeup advice from an unexpected source recently…yay!  Will have to act on that soon now that I am not so mystified.

I now have, below my right collarbone, a port, which once the incisions heal will only be minimally annoying every single day, I hope (while proving very useful for chemo and IV Vitamin C administration).  A port is a small reservoir under the skin that is connected to a tube that feeds into a vein.  Medications are injected through the skin (as with an IV), into the port and from there into the bloodstream.  There’s nothing outside the body (just a lump under the skin).  Seatbelts and ports do not like each other.  And it makes one pause before putting on a scoop-neck shirt.

The barn swallows are back in our neighborhood, nesting in our eaves as usual.  They are super fun.  No ewes have had lambs yet, but any week now.

And the semester (of midwifery grad school) is over.  All my grad-school friends are on-campus this week learning “birth skills”…I wish I were there.  They better ask lots of questions since I am not there to do so!

3 thoughts on “International Day of the Midwife

  1. M....

    Advice from various actors in your life?

  2. emxee

    I hope I was one of the make-up experts! And as I have never used make-ups (since 60’s and various Halloweens), I think I am well qualified. 🙂 emxee

  3. Gina Qualliotine

    Hooray for Midwives! Hooray for you! Hooray for all the love you do! Hooray for barn swallows swooping round, for lambs that soon shall add their sound. Hooray for you! Hooray for Spring! Hooray for all the shining things!

    And some good advice on eyebrow makeup! That ‘s harder to rhyme with
    Hooray for that too : )

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