Even later and less greater happenings

Yesterday I got admitted to Albany Med for a little cerebellum bleed discovered when doing pre-admission CT scan for the Ommaya reservoir surgery Tuesday.  So now it’s the next day and I am at AMC being checked every hour for neurological status, which is fine so far, despite a couple medium headaches.  Tylenol worked! I will be here most likely until tomorrow. Eric will be home this afternoon from his California work trip. My mom is here too until tomorrow.

First I heard no surgery Tuesday because of this. Then I heard surgery Tuesday anyway. My oncologist stopped by this morning to visit and said it would be up to the neurosurgeon, which is fine with me.  If the bleed is all over, I guess I could see surgery going forward. I had a repeat CT scan midday that should tell us whether the bleed is over or continuing. If over, I am likely to go home tomorrow and maybe even have the surgery Tuesday. In the meantime, I have been visiting with Will and Spee, taking walks around the halls with my cherry cane, and hoping to watch a movie one of these evenings, or read The New Yorker.

It looks like the bleeding came from a new metastatic lesion in my cerebellum–a very small one, but one that wanted to build some veins in a hurry.  I don’t think I will be able to take blood thinners after this, so the question will be is there anything to prevent anymore clots or emboli.  Because my clot and previous emboli came from my upper arm area, there’s not much to be done.

But right now I am going for a walk in the halls and to try a teeny bit of Qi Gong with Spee in my curtained alcove.

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