I am having great fun watching these music-video parodies, which are knowledge translation about evidence-based medicine:


(Originally seen via Lamaze’s Science & Sensibility blog)

I “should” be working on my delayed paper for last semester’s Critical Inquiry class, which I am looking forward to digging into, but there is so much else to do right now that–imagine that–I haven’t done so yet.  I still don’t know when my appointment is, with the Albany Med Neurosurgical dept. and the interventive radiologist, to discuss, plan, and schedule the brain treatment.  Weird…the more serious it is, the less likely you are to have an appointment?  If I needed a wart removed I would surely have an appointment.

Meanwhile it’s New Year’s Eve and my family is going all electronic-gadget-programming-happy downstairs, it has started to snow, my desk is organizedly piled with things I need to do, and I really need to update my kanban board (see here for what this is if you want to know more than “a very organized to-do list”).  But I think I will go downstairs, have some food, and sit in front of the fireplace for a while.  There is a rumor of bagels.

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