Resting up

Argh, so frustrating to need to Rest Up explicitly in a day before tackling a task or event I want to bring even a modicum of energy to–it feels like I am an old laptop with a failing battery that has to be charged up in a pre-planned way.  It’s also hard to remember that this level of fatigue is temporary (due to the SRS last week) and I will rise out of it eventually.

This morning after sleeping in, I sat on our porch surrounded by the beautiful, damp bright-green view I am lucky enough to have, of trees, grasses, wildflowers of late spring, darting swallows, sparrows, starlings…people moving around the land with more energy than I have…we drank our tea and I soaked it all in.  Ahhh.

One thought on “Resting up

  1. David Millians

    Lovely and restful

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