Hair fun

Lisa and Aaron, who visited to help out (tremendously!) for the past few days, did the clay-dye job the other night in the bathroom with friend Anne while Jesse supervised from the bathroom shower.

Hmmm, I look a little tired in that last photo.  Yesterday was my fullest and most energetic day in weeks.  Shivani and I went to midwifery peer review, driven by Lisa and Aaron, who explored Saugerties.  Nowdays I pay the next day for days like that–just in fatigue.

Plans for the rest of the day: a visit from the palliative care nurse, and before that some craniosacral therapy with my friend Meg. Then maybe a nap or Netflix before dinner.

I am still working on those voice memos for the blog. Let me know if they don’t work for you–hoping they are easy because they sure are easier for me.

Now for lots of pictures!  I am really enjoying pictures these days.

6 thoughts on “Hair fun

  1. LOVE the purple. And it’s great to see you smile. 🙂

  2. Shelly

    Love the purple look! I recommend trying turquoise next. 😉
    Sorry you have to pay for good days, but so glad you have them!

  3. Dorian

    This showed up in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago and it made an impression on my brain! Because you probably want to spend all your time dying your hair now.

    • ekhb

      hmm how did you know? 🙂

  4. Debra

    Love that picture of Jesse supervising!

  5. Rebecca McBride

    Ellen, the voice memos work really well. I love hearing your voice, and I enjoyed your description of the various uses of “we.”

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