After all, it’s not brain surg–oh, yeah it was!

Call went well with the surgery yesterday midday and Paul has gone well cents. Haahaa (“All went well with the surgery yesterday midday, and all has gone well since.”)  Just thought you all might like to see what I have been trying to live with re dictation software so far! We are home and some beef […]

Still in the hospital, but otherwise great

Perhaps you are wondering how this latest day stuck in the hospital went.  Here’s the report! Yesterday’s final CT scan showed the bleed beginning to resolve.  Yay! So all was set for surgery today.  I was NPO–no food or drink–from midnight on, but got permission to skip the all-night IV fluid drip because of my […]

Another evening update from the hospital

I am still in the hospital, but in a private room now so things are better.  Last night we–five of us–had a Thai food picnic along with cranberry-orange granita made by my friend Isa, and then Jesse and I watched our TV show together while snuggling and Eric did a bit of work in the […]