Weekend update

No, not that Weekend Update!

Dealing with Fatigue:

Boy, do I sound tired! Possibly more tired in my voice than the rest of me.  I did notice today that my voice was really weak, so you are getting to hear what that sounds like.  Not much like me, at least to my ear.

4 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Deb

    Whew, you do sound tired. And somehow, more like your mom as well. I’m glad to hear that you are resting plenty, but also getting outings. Can’t wait to see you soon. xoxo


  2. Shelly

    You do sound tired, but also like you had a good day, which I assume makes the fatigue more worthwhile? So glad you are surrounded by caring friends and family.

  3. Gina Qualliotine

    I’m appreciating the voice clips. Though you sound tired, you sound like you you you AND how cool that you got to go to Chatham. I’ve always wanted to go there : ) Rest as much as you need and good luck with the up/down flow dance challenges of all sorts. Big Love, G

  4. Dee

    I am struck by the experience of these voice clips as an intimate gift. A gift that affords us who know and love you the feeling of being with you, accompanying you in some small way and the gift of a caring companion to others who may need company on a similar journey of their own at some time in the future.

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