Post-chemo report

Today was almost completely taken up with “double chemo” along with a day-one-of-the-cycle appointment with the nurse practitioner who works with my oncologist. My oncologist is on vacation–and I hope he is vacating enough because he’s got to last me and not burn out!  How is that for thinking long-term?

I still like to think of these chemo days as pampering and “spa” days. I can ask for pillows and warm blankets and stuff from the nurses, and I know a lot of them by now somewhat, so the infusion suite is a friendly place to spend a few hours.

Seems like the first day in each cycle of Thursday chemo (Gemzar & carboplatin) is about four hours long, start to finish.  That includes blood work and an appointment with a practitioner before chemo.  And intrathecal methotrexate afterward.  today we left the house at 11 and returned at about five I think.

I felt like hopping into bed and invited some of my associates to watch a stupid movie with me. It was really stupid. I have a small headache and just feel kind of punky, but no nausea or queasiness – all that anti-emetic premedication really works. And in fact I am looking forward to eating some dinner.

Meanwhile, back at home, if you hold your arms just right…


…Look what you might catch!


2 thoughts on “Post-chemo report

  1. Birdie

    Nice catch there, Ellen! Thanks for the update. Glad you’re not too queasy!

  2. Beth

    Yes, nice catch! -B+

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