My report card

Recently a few of my closest family members and friends got together and wrote up a report card for my recent course load at the University of Oncological Resistance (UOR).  It is pretty funny so I thought I would share it.:

Ellen’s report card

Today is “quick” chemo (just methotrexate) and my stepsister Deb, who is visiting, is taking me.  Then we will stop by the Honest Weight food co-op in Albany to get ingredients for all the yummy things Deb is going to cook for us.  Wooo!

I am still really fatigued most of every day–I assume it’s the demanding new chemo schedule.  Hard to adjust to, and I hope it’s just a phase.

6 thoughts on “My report card

  1. The report card is genius–but that’s not surprising, given the quality of the student! I really hope the daily fatigue is just a phase.

  2. David Millians

    The report card is delightful and wonderfully informative!

  3. Dorian

    Love it!

  4. markdanielruss

    Honest Weight! Remembering their granola selection still fills me with awe. xxx

  5. Debra

    I love this so much! Yea to Spee.

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