IT Methotrexate is working!

I’ve been getting intrathecal methotrexate (methotrexate injected into my cerebro-spinal fluid) for about a month now, which makes for a busy chemo schedule twice a week in Albany along with my other chemo regimen. But it seems to be working!

Texting with my oncologist
Texting with my oncologist

I don’t know what this means for my chemo schedule in the next month or so, but I I know it’s good news.  Only half of patients respond to methotrexate at all, so I’m in that half, which is great.  Now median survival is seven months, with 15% of patients stretching that out beyond 12 months.

12 thoughts on “IT Methotrexate is working!

  1. Sarah Way

    This is great news, but also I am VERY impressed that your oncologist texts with you!

    • ekhb

      Yeah, he’s my age & pretty cool.

  2. Jon

    Great news, and glad to hear it!

  3. Dorian

    There can’t be much that’s better than two thumbs-up and three smiley faces WITH TEETH from one’s oncologist. Yay!

  4. Gina Qualliotine

    AWESOME news! That is so good to hear. Big Hug.

  5. Beth


  6. That is wonderful news! Yay!

  7. Amazing news!!

  8. Dee

    YAHOO! <3

  9. Carrie PK

    Yahoo! Wonderful to see you recently and even better to hear this news!

  10. camille

    happy happy dance happening here!!

  11. WOW ! Happy dance is right …you are exceptional in so many great ways! OOXX

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