Chemo-day update

About today and my current chemo schedule etc.:

After all of this, I felt a little queasy and rested In the car all the way home. But then I walked from the parking area to our house, ordered some food stuff from Eric, and marched up the stairs wearing my back pack foot-over-foot like a normal person (1 foot per stair).  Also, Spee and I took a 15-minute walk on the road in the snow just before Eric and I left for Albany. So although I am tucked into bed right now, I am feeling like I had an energetic day.

That walking up the stairs with the fullback pack myself was a first since early December. Never discount how bad pedal edema can be for your strength and health, That’s my device.,

Speaking of advice, at the end of our time with the nurse practitioner, I offered again my attention as a midwife, since she is due with baby number two in April and not having a very happy pregnancy. So I didn’t push. But she took me up on it today and we talked about the recommendation that she be induced for this baby because her first baby came pretty fast. She lives 20 minutes from her hospital. It was a very fun conversation to have because I got to use my midwifery skills right on the spot.

Now I’m back to resting my brain and body in bed with Eric next to me.

2 thoughts on “Chemo-day update

  1. Dorian

    Wow. What does it feel like to get chemo in the reservoir under your scalp?

  2. Beth

    Love the hearts! -B+

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