Fifty Years Plus

EKH 50th Birthday 2
Jesse, Ellen, Eric, and Natalie and Cake!
Ekh 50th Birthday 1
Jesse, Ellen, Eric, Jens, and Kathryn plus Will’s leg.

Two days ago was Ellen’s 50th birthday, a bittersweet marking on the calendar of her life.  How immensely grateful we are that she was born on that special day in 1966.

Gina baked and brought over the spectacularly delicious chocolate cake you can see in the photos.  Ellen did enjoy a bite of the cake, which is saying something as she’s choosing to eat less and less.  Ellen was alert and smiled quite a bit as we serenaded her, and we read her birthday wishes she’d received, and heard her birth story from Kathryn, a tradition in our family.

Yesterday, Ellen was officially admitted into hospice care.  Many people want to come say good-bye to Ellen and we are sadly saying “no” out of respect for Ellen’s clear instructions not to have visitors.  We have been flooded with offers to help in so many ways, and we thank you, even though we find we need little more than to be with Ellen on her journey.

Your love surrounds Ellen and us powerfully – thank you so much.

7 thoughts on “Fifty Years Plus

  1. Shelly

    Love and good-byes to Ellen. One of the strongest people I have ever known, facing cancer not once but three times and maintaining grace, good cheer, and even optimism amidst all the fear and uncertainty. As corny as it sounds, I feel honored to have counted her among my friends. I have no more words.

  2. Sarah Way

    Thinking of you and just sending a ton of love your way. I’m grateful to have known Ellen. Happy Birthday.

  3. Rachel Abramson

    Ellen has impacted my work, my thinking and my sense of what it is to be alive. Gratefulness for her life, and love to Ellen and you who are holding her in this moment.

  4. David Millians

    Love and hugs!

  5. Brittany Sal Cameron and Cassidy

    Happy birthday, Ellen. Thank you for your love and support through both pregnancies and for all of your help bringing my two baby girls into the world. Your presence always made me feel comfortable and your light brightened any room. I will forever be grateful for your being. I will cherish our memories together forever. Love and hugs!

  6. Priya Morganstern

    Love to Ellen and to all who are surrounding her. I have nothing but gratefulness and respect for Ellen’s huge contributions to midwifery. And also for this blog, to which so many of you have contributed, It has been so powerful and beautiful.

  7. BJ Mackinnon

    Find wishes to you Ellen and thank you for sharing your journey with us, we are all so much more enriched by you and your good thinking through so many difficulties. Much love and warmth to surround you,

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