My brain is less functional than before in these areas: keeping track of the day, date, and even month; peoples’ first names; medicine names; and how to run the very online writing workshop I designed and Eric and I wrote, launched, and upgraded over the last 10 years.  It is very depressing to try to do the few behind-the-scenes person-to-person functions with all the loss of ability.  Eric volunteers to do what I can’t, but then I don’t know whether things are done, and whether they are done the way I would want them done.  (That would be “the right way.”)

The same thing is happening all over my life.  Housekeeping, clothes-buying, finances, bill-paying.  The shift is challenging me to let up my grip, be okay with things done a different way than mine, and  trust Eric more than before in realms we both (I think) agree I am more skilled in.

One thought on “Challenges

  1. Gina Qualliotine

    The title of this post made me want to look up the definition of the word, challenge. Your calling it such speaks to me of how you are ultimately holding all that is happening which inspires me a lot. I turned to the dictionary for more meat on what the word carries. It made me think to read the definition. It was something like, “an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof” Your challenges are of such a profound nature right now, my hope is that the truth that they are trying to reveal is of equal or greater depth, worth, beauty and power.

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