The view from Montréal

Eric and I ran away from home a couple of days ago (leaving the kids behind) to explore a little bit of Montréal for our 10th-anniversary trip.  So we’re 11 or 12 years late for our 10th anniversary…oh well. We made it at last.
20160625_111456Because of my broken foot Eric rented me a motorized scooter to get around in.  And we had to stay in a bigger hotel that would have little details such as elevators. And ramps.  And a minibar!

And views from the balcony to the east.


Backs of city buildings are fun to peek at.


This has been my first trip as a mobility-limited tourist.  Interesting. Hard to get over the extra attention.

Food: I wanted to do a lot of tourist eating here, but my guts complain bitterly if I overeat (which I have been doing a lot of lately). So instead I am trying to use this change of scenery and habits to learn not to overeat, to pay more attention to feelings of fullness, to order lighter food, etc.

We are about to go to Cirque de Soleil down on a quai on the river.  Mobility-impaired guests get good seats for a discount (so do their “accompagneurs”) as long as they can show up 30 minutes early.  Okay!

Tomorrow we will go on a boat tour and maybe also a bus tour.

5 thoughts on “The view from Montréal

  1. Shelly

    Sounds like a great trip. Love the scooter. Enjoy! And happy overdue anniversary!

  2. markdanielruss

    Happy anniversary! I find a holiday isn’t complete without a boat tour.

  3. I agree about backs of buildings, and celebrating anniversaries whenever we can.
    Did Eric request blue for your scooter, or was that bon chance?

    • ekhb

      bonne chance bleue, je pense.

  4. Bob Elmendorf

    My ex and I honeymooned in Montreal and I have been there several times. Never went to the botanical garden though. Enjoy!

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