end of another day

Still queasy, no worse, no better, no effect from the Zofran. I wasn’t worried about it getting worse today, though, so that was nice. Still feeling flu-ish in my head. Ran out of energy at 3 PM today and went home to bed instead of continuing to help Paul tile the backsplash in the farmhouse kitchen–darn! Now it’s 9:30 and I’m headed for bed. Despite feeling poorly all day, I was constantly aware of how much better this is than 1995, and how relieved I am to be just feeling regularly sick, mostly, and somewhat functional, instead of sandbagged by the combination of chemo and palliative drugs and reduced to watching movie after movie on the VCR in bed for 3 days.

Today I made lunch for the boys and a flax-oil-containing smoothie for me, mailed my Lamaze application, visited my doula clients with their 2-week old, ran an errand for Jens on the way, and at least showed up at the farmhouse to make some decisions and inspire some progress on the tiles. Then I finished reading Grace and Grit (see Bibliotherapy: sick). Tomorrow, if I’m still feeling this reasonable, I’m going to the CABC board meeting in Pennsylvania, via car with Spee. If not, I get a weekend at home to feel better. Whichever happens, happens!