end of day 3

Today I was queasy, pretty much all day, but never so much that I was worried about throwing up. A Zofran at 9 AM had no effect, acupuncture at 1 PM didn’t seem to do much noticeable right away anyway, ginger beer and popcorn to fill my empty stomach helped a bit, the remedy from last time didn’t do much, and a very strong chewy ginger candy left for me by my mom helped the most, for a little while anyway. I’m still eating, sort of like when I had morning sickness–eating doesn’t make me more queasy, maybe less–and still feeling mildly flu-like. So this is kind of like chemically-induced stomach flu. Hmm.

Today I finished my application to sit for the Lamaze exam as an experienced educator with blah-di-blah hours of teaching experience and blah-di-blah contact hours of continuing education, all fully documented. The postmark deadline is tomorrow, the exam is October 27 in Schenectady, and I have no idea how I’ll feel at ALL. Possibly just like today–kinda rotten–since that will be day 3 after chemo #3. Perhaps worse, in which case I’ll definitely defer taking the exam until April. But it was a major milestone getting all that paperwork done for the mail tomorrow, in either case. I feel very proud and clever that I beat the quease on that one.

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