“hanging in”

That’s what I tell inquirers when they ask how I’m doing and I have nothing to say that is particularly interesting.

So over the past week it’s been pretty much like that, except for good news from my recent MRI and CT scans: nothing known to be new; nothing bigger than last time; lots of things–and by things, we mean tumors–that stayed the same size.

Maybe some other notable things happened this past week, but I just don’t remember them at the moment. Chemo is weakening my memory for sure. However, at least now you know that I am still around and still hanging in. Or a reasonable Internet facsimile is.  But ouch.  Would a mere reasonable Internet facsimile have such intense back pain and complain about it this much?

2 thoughts on ““hanging in”

  1. A mere reasonable Internet facsimile would improve on things, or so I’d like to think. WIsh you could program that. I assume nothing new is good news, though shrinkage of existing “things” would be better? They have got to come up with some new and improved treatments, dammit!

  2. Dorian

    Thank you to the reasonable Internet facsimile for the update about your scans — I’d been wondering.

    I think anyone — even an Internet facsimile — has the right to complain about intense back pain.

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