3 thoughts on “Cancer Problem-Cause quiz

  1. Dorian

    I definitely fail. Although I guess it’s an open book (blog) test. Maybe I’d find all the answers if I went back and re-read the text carefully?

    If you know the cause of belly fat (and better yet, the cure) I think you might be able to become a billionaire.

  2. Dee

    Well, 7 out of 13 … is there a prize for person who gets the most in agreement with your best guess answers?
    I liked getting to spend time with you yesterday. ; – )

  3. Debra

    Well, I got more than I’d expected…and as always, am so impressed with all of the medical knowledge you’ve gained, and how purposeful and focused you are in understanding your health issues….Most of us would be helpless & overwhelmed. Love to you! xo

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