Frustrations abound

Living my life has become what I’m trying to think of as The Ellen Project, which I used to be able to manage on my own but now often need help with.  Here is a whiny gallery of my daily challenges and–usually–frustrations related to my neuropathy-damaged hands..  There are many things I can no longer do for myself…big and small…or tasks that take 3-10 times longer than before, and maybe hurt along the way.

Mouse over the pictures for a quick description.  Click on the pictures to read more about them.  I will be adding to this gallery of woes as they stymie me.

4 thoughts on “Frustrations abound

  1. Debra

    All the more impressive that you continue to blog, working so hard in frustrating circumstances to keep us all in the loop. I am so grateful for that, and love you! xoxoxox

  2. Dorian

    That’s an awful collection!

    I bet many of your earring-wearing friends and relatives would be delighted to insert earrings you select at the start of their visits — could make earring insertion the new traditional beginning of spending time with someone. But one of the biggest losses must be needing to depend on other people for so darned many little things.

  3. Shelly

    No wonder you are so exhausted. The Ellen Project is surely an increasingly heavy undertaking, for which you seem to have incredible reserves of energy (and thank goodness for all the help of your loyal team members). Your continuing blog posts must be at the bottom of your “necessary” list, but I think we’re all grateful for it: your friends, for being kept in the loop of your ongoing struggle; and any strangers who might be struggling with the same issues or have loved ones who are. These posts are a gift–all the more so because you don’t have to do it. I wish we could all return the favor in the form of healing energy.

    • ekhb

      I think you do!

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