Ups and downs

The last few days have been frustrating because just as I felt like I was getting substantially better in the strength and muscle department,  I lost some of it somehow. My thighs were no longer able to get me to a standing position without pushing with my arms, and my knees kept wobbling out on me unexpectedly. I was back to 2 feet on each stair instead of 1 foot per stair.   And on Saturday my vision got weird – my left eye is a little out of sync.

Meanwhile, my voice seems to have gotten weaker and more ragged. Last night when we went to a Buxton event, no one could hear me talking unless I really pushed my voice hard.   And just sitting and talking seems to wear me out more now than it did before–or maybe I’m just noticing it more and taking care of myself better.

I am less sturdy on my feet again and needing help with dizzy spells and sometimes getting up and down. Which sucks, because I really was climbing out of that place for the last few weeks.

On the bright side, though, both Will and Jesse are home for spring break now so our house is full. And my friend Leigh is coming today to visit for a few days!   I hope I don’t have to spend too much of that time resting.

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3 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. Dorian

    Damn. Sending love.

  2. anne dee

    Hi cuz … Maury and I were talking and we want to plan a visit when the weather gets really nice.. for the day just to see ya’ll and say hi .
    where are the boys in school ? are they really in college ?
    all is ok here .. my boys are doing well .. jason in memphis and zach in sacramento .. long way away but sometimes that happens with jobs !!
    my dad is 88 and he is doing well also . will be going home in march and again in april for passover ..
    i read your articles and always think of you and your progress ..
    will touch base again soon to plan a day to visit ya’ll ..
    cuz Anne Dee

  3. Lucy Sikes

    Dear Ellen, I read today’s blog about your 15 year old’s birthday. How lovingly you are supporting her. We at Brooklyn Meeting are holding you in the Light. I will send you our Light List by snail mail.I don’t think there is a way to post it here.

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