Woo hoo, insurance woes less!


What a relief.

It’s Monday and Eric and I spent an amazing weekend in New York City, which we never do. (This was maybe the second time going to NYC for fun since we moved to New York State in 2002–just haven’t wanted to, mostly.)  I was pretty low-energy on Friday, when we went, but had plenty of energy on Saturday.  We came home Sunday morning.  We took the train along the Hudson, which is so beautiful!  The ice was amazing.

Today I got back to doing interval exercise (cardio, aerobic) after more than a week off, though I did do some walking in the meantime.

In the city we saw the Henri Matisse Cut-Outs special exhibit at MoMA, went to a play, went to a clothing store I wanted to visit where I found a new kind of clothes to buy, and ate Ethiopian food and Vietnamese food and famous vegan food-truck  food.  We stayed with a friend (thanks, Mercer!) and took the subway a lot.  But also did as much walking as energy allowed.  We took a fictional history tour of the High Line and its neighborhood, run by Story Tour, and wandered around in Times Square a bit to see how it has changed.  We planned just the right amount and let whim and serendipity guide us the rest of the time.

Before the weekend I spent time feeling fatigued and a bit loopy due to the brain zap & the just-in-case anti-seizure medication.  But we still managed to get household things done and do some good Online Writing Workshop work.  Chemo started up again uneventfully on Thursday (also this coming Thursday).  And that’s the news.

6 thoughts on “Woo hoo, insurance woes less!

  1. Dee

    Yay for fun in the City! Heard so much about the Matisse exhibit – would love to hear what you thought.

    • ekhb

      The Cut-Outs exhibit was really extensive and in parts quite amazing. I loved the descriptions of how Matisse did his art via cut-outs and how it evolved. He also seemed to be doing it because it made him happy in his own living environment, which I liked thinking about. The big commissions came later. The pictures of the walls of the rooms of his various apartments were really amazing–he ended up using the walls as the canvases. The embedded lesson in the exhibit was that this was how Matisse, who was bedridden and then wheelchair-bound at the end of his long career, figured out how to keep making art, even though he couldn’t paint anymore. I assume it was because he needed to.

  2. M....

    World of the Well!

  3. Shelly

    Good news on the insurance front!

    Sounds like a perfect mini-vacation, too!

  4. Alice Raymond

    So glad you had the wonderful trip to NYC & that you got to see the Matisse exhibit, which sounds fantastic!

    I also loved the photos you shared – your boys are gorgeous & so grown-up. Of course, you & Eric are beautiful, too!

    Your attitude is great, & your spirit enviable –

    I will keep sending to you all the good karma I can muster!

    Love, Alice

  5. Cricket

    This sounds like a perfect weekend– so fun! I want to hear more about the High Line fiction tour (or was it a fictional High Line tour?)


    p.s. you’ve gotten me addicted to that nytimes 7 minute workout (except for the push-ups– I am NOT addicted to those! why why why are there 2 sets of them!!!)

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