XKCD comic about MRIs in research
XKCD comic about MRIs in research

If you don’t get the joke above after thinking about it for a bit, or you have ever just wondered what an MRI sounds like, listen to a bit of this video, which also shows the equipment needed for a brain MRI:  Brain MRI sounds & sights (first 50 seconds should do).  All metal needs to be removed because of the strong magnetic fields used.

More of these in my immediate future, for sure.

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5 thoughts on “MRIs

  1. David

    That is funny.

  2. Shelly

    The first time I had an MRI, I spent the whole time fighting with myself to keep myself from freaking out and exiting the machine. After that, I found it’s better with Ativan. Then again, I have a friend who is so used to MRIs that she says she just goes to sleep. THAT I can’t imagine…

  3. Leigh

    Yup. What is even funnier is when they give you headphones with music that has to be turned up so loud to be heard it makes you even more deaf. Such a relaxing experience 🙂

    • ekhb

      I only tried the music once. It made me too mad about the buzzing and banging so I gave up and went back to listening to the buzzing and banging as if it were some bizarre type of music. While listening, I do kind of doze off sometimes.

  4. Shelly

    On my next to last MRI, the tech knew I was anxious (2 Ativans and still anxious!), so she ran to the hospital cafeteria to get some cucumber slices. She laid those over the cloth over my eyes, and damned if that didn’t help calm me. Aromatherapy, I guess! I couldn’t have headphones because my head was in a cage thingy, so I had them just blast classical music in the room; I could hear it during the breaks between sound blasts, and it did help. Worked for me, anyway.

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