Latest cancer book: Radical Remission


This book came out of a qualitative research project/dissertation by a psychologist who got interested in cancer patients with unexpectedly good outcomes–either remissions or many more  years of survival than expected.  She interviewed lots of people about what they did to enable their “radical remissions”–and despite these sometimes being called “spontaneous remissions,” they don’t seem to be very spontaneous.  The people with cancer made a lot of changes to get to their remissions, and she found similarities among them, culminating in nine specific areas of change that a preponderance of her interviewees worked on.

Eric read it too.  For each of the 9 strategies, there is a detailed anecdote about one person form whom that strategy was the most important change.  This is a a very patient-centered book; the interviewees are at the center of the narrative, because it’s about what they did.  She also interviewed alternative & integrative healers around the world who claimed to have helped patients have “radical remissions.”

It’s very easy to read, though a bit frustrating for those of us who want references for everything.  Reading it after or paired with Anti-Cancer would be a good strategy if you are one of those.

So one thing most everybody did was radically change their diet to eliminate or almost-eliminate meat, dairy, refined grains, and refined sugar.  Hmmm.

More soon on my informative trip to the Block Center in Illnois.

2 thoughts on “Latest cancer book: Radical Remission

  1. Dee

    Wow. I just watched Keith Block’s 6 minute video on the Block Center website. He’s convincing! He doesn’t try to make false promises or give false hope, but what he says makes stunning sense. So glad you went there and that you’re looking “beyond the box!”

  2. Leigh

    Huh – interesting. I wonder if it applies to brain tumors as well. I should look at it! Glad you are finding good resources–that seems really important.

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