zapping day!

Today is the day for stereotactic radiosurgery at Albany Medical Center. I am loaded up with anti-seizure medication and steroids, and will get more steroids and Xanax before I get my head nestled into the “head hammock” (nicer than calling it the rigid-plastic-mesh face cage) for my 2+ hrs of radiation beams. I have to lie still that whole time, but the head hammock will keep my head still for me.

The “head hammock” made of rigid plastic, attached to the table:
The "head hammock" made of rigid plastic, attached to the table

When it was made it was flexible while warm and they molded it onto my face:

Making the head hammock
Making the head hammock

This was a cool picture Eric took:

Through the MRI machine
Through the MRI machine

That was made on Friday after I had chemo Friday AM. The chemo was easy–an IV, a 5-minute “push” of the Eribulin, some anti-nausea medication which worked well on Friday, plus for good measure, a shot in the shoulder for the bone medicine Xgeva.

Over the weekend and on Monday I was queasy for most of the days, but it wasn’t too bad. Ginger ale was the thing that helped the most. Next time I will ask for some Kytril (anti-nausea med) to bring home. Friday I was just strangely hungry! We went out for Thai food for lunch before we left Albany, after the set-up stuff we had to do with radiation oncology. (Check the mask, take measurements, do a CT scan, do an MRI).

So chemo is over with until the 20th and now it’s just the zapping ahead. Which I have to get in the car and go toward right now! My friend Isa said: “I love that, by about 3pm today, you’ll have a shiny, well, healthy and happy brain.” I am holding that intention close!

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3 thoughts on “zapping day!

  1. Shelly

    Here’s to not-too-awful 2-hour stillness (thank goodness for Xanax!) and to that healthy, happy brain that will be the result!

  2. erin

    sending lots of love and light to go along with that strong vision of your shiny, well, healthy and happy brain! xoxo

  3. Isa

    Ellen! Your beautiful face! Your beautiful brain!

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