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Okay, okay, so I’ve been trying to pretend life is it’s old boring self and haven’t had any blog-worthy thoughts in a while. Here’s something I didn’t ever relate, though: during my second chemo treatment, Eric led me through a visualization of the chemo drugs as light filling my body and shining all through it. For the next two weeks, although I didn’t feel so hot, people kept telling me I looked “luminous” or “glowing.” What’s up with THAT?

The third treatment we did the same thing but I got no luminosity comments.

So here we are, post-chemo, luminous or not–yay! Done with chemo. Yesterday was three weeks since the last treatment, so that’s done with. This last time I only felt bad until Sunday (I had mother-care, maybe that’s what helped). Now let’s just hope my eyebrows don’t all fall out (ditto eyelashes) as a belated effect of chemo–it happens. (Make a note: activate prayer circles on the topic of eyebrows.)

I am feeling pretty darn good, though not up to my usual speed or stamina on walks.

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