day 25: Ellen Hair-was-brown

It’s day 4 after chemo #2 and I am queasy and quite tired, and taking it easy (for once). I have been napping and reading and resting. I realized yesterday–remembering that I hadn’t added to the blog since before chemo on Tuesday–that it takes a certain amount of energy to write something that is not just a list of complaints, but instead is at least a bit interesting.

This morning I got sick of what was left of my hair (which was falling out in clumps when touched anyway) so here is a photo essay! Click for bigger photos.
This morning…half of it gone already, looking pretty sorry.
Results after scrubbing one hemisphere of my head in the shower but not the other!
Then Eric shaved it all off. Voila, the piratical look. After that he shaved it with a razor.
First bandanna choice…
The actual head!

3 thoughts on “day 25: Ellen Hair-was-brown

  1. Ellen,

    I really like your actual head.

    Happy anniversary!

    — Cindy

  2. spiritsister

    Not to deny the challenges of losing your hair but it must be said that you are still ravishingly beautiful! How lucky you are to have such a beautifully shaped head, great bone structure, sparkling, vivid eyes, and of course the depthful, humorous,intelligent soul that animates it all.
    Thank you for letting those of us who care share in what’s happening, the sick and the well, the heaven and the hell, and all the worlds between..

  3. ekhb

    Thank you…E

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