end of week three

The past few days have been wonderful, despite my hair coming out gradually. Luckily, we really do have thousands and thousands of hairs on our heads. It doesn’t look like it’s thin yet (except to me).

I attended a great birth on Friday, a day when I had lots of energy and no plans I had to cancel. Our friends had a whoppin’ baby after only two hours of hard work–and a lot of fun labor time before that–and my niece and I (she was doula’ing too) got home by midnight. Everyone is happy. I am very happy not to have had to miss that one because of chemo or something else…triumph!

Yesterday I finished teaching my three-night childbirth class to a couple in Stuyvesant who are due in two or three weeks. My friend Sarah is their doula (I said I was not going to be able to do it). That was fun. And I visited my friends and their newborn at home just before I taught, for their first postpartum visit. Before that I got my day-before-chemo massage and even got my teeth cleaned. It was our 12th anniversary yesterday–wow. So my last day before chemo–excuse me, before being lucky enough to be able to accept this strong medicine into my body–was a great Well day.